What is this site about?

HydPy.org is the official home page of the Hyderabad Python User Group. Here, you will find all the information about the group - past and upcoming activities/workshops, meetup events, blogs and discussion forums.

How will this site help me?

This site is useful for anybody who wants to learn more about Python or share their knowledge about Python. People are welcome to discuss their projects and seeks and provide help to other Python enthusiasts.

Do you have a list of links that I can subscribe to?

Yes, below are the links.

Neither do I have any knowledge of Python nor am I a Python enthusiast. Can I still subscribe?

Yes, subscription will help you to receive the updates about the upcoming workshop or activities conducted by the group.

What kind of activities would this group help to promote?

Anything and everything related to Python.

Can I participate and deliver sessions?

Of course, you can. Just subscribe to the above links and get in touch with us. Session topics should be relevant to Python Programming Language and technologies related to it.

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Hyderabad Python User group is growing and active Python user community in Hyderabad. We believe in 'Knowledge is power, community is strength'!!!

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