Getting started with Django

Getting started with Django

May 13, 2017. | By: Ravi Raja Merugu

Venue: Sweccha

Meetup: link

This will be a hands on session on Django covering the basic concepts of the framework:- By the end of the session, you will be creating a todo application covering the following.

  1. Introduction to the philosophy and concepts of Django
  2. Quick Introduction to HTML
  3. Introduction to CRUD operations in Django (hands on)
  4. Building a todo app (hands on), the following topics will be covered:
    • Setting up the project
    • Django Authentication System
    • Defining the database structure.
    • Django Admin
    • Templates
    • Routing
    • Forms
    • QuerySets
    • Unit-tests

Speaker Bio: I am Ravi Raja Merugu, Founder of an early stage startup, which cares about preserving the learnings and converting them into organised intelligence. I code mostly in python, worked as Development and Technology Head, Product Engineer and IT consultant for few startups. I come from Scientific Research backgrounds with Masters in Bioinformatics. So my interests are much diverse and relation with Unix, Python is from close to a decade. Cognitive computing, Machine Learning and Data Science are few things that fascinates me apart from what I do


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